What We Do

The Sharyland Band Boosters serve many functions for our Rattler Band program.  

Concession Stand Duty


Our concession stand is located on the northeast visitor side of Richard Thompson Stadium.  We sell funnel cakes and spiral cut potatoes called "Spiro-Papas".  Duties include preparing potatoes and funnel cake mix, cooking the potatoes and frying the funnel cakes, taking orders, and keeping our stand clean.  We also need runners to sell items up in the stands.  No experience is needed...we will teach you everything you need to know.

Pit Crew


Our percussion section will need assistance in moving equipment off of the trailer, to the warm-up area, and finally to the front sidelines for performance.  Each piece of equipment must be set up in a certain order.  Electronics, speakers, and drum major podiums are all a part of this duty.  Training will be needed, but our students will be assisting.



This duty includes both building and assisting in the transportation of our props.  We need volunteers experienced

in construction and design as well as volunteers with a talent for design.

Bus Duty


We have at least two chaperones per band bus when the band travels.  Duties include assisting directors with bus attendance, carrying first aid/emergency kits, and assisting with distribution of meals.

Band Stand Duty


Also known as the water warriors, responsibilities include passing our water to students at assigned parts of the games, passing out and picking up plumes, and carrying first aid/emergency kits.

Other Ways to Help


Sandwiches:   Donations of ready made sandwiches or bread, sandwich meats, cheeses, sandwich bags. Peanut butter and jelly are also popular choices. We also need volunteers to help prep and hand out sandwiches. Each Friday before call time, we like to pass out between 60-80 sandwiches to feed those students who are unable to eat before the game.


Donations: Gift cards and other prizes for raffles and upcoming fundraisers, hot dogs and buns, paper plates, napkins, aluminum foil, condiments, potatoes, funnel cake mix, and cooking oil.

Video Tutorials coming soon!
How to Video - 

We will be preparing videos explaining different roles that the Boosters have.  Check back soon!